Research & Development

Research & development is an integral part of any engineering parts manufacturing company and more so companies engaged in manufacturing of parts made out of polymer materials. With development of in new age materials and challenging environments in which machineries are used, ROYAL has dedicated team which works with Industrial users and manufacturers for continuous Research and development.

Royal Sealing Solutions




Our Research Team works very closely with our Customers to develop and validate material and compounds as per Application requirements.

Study has been done to
develop material:

  • For Extreme low temp. application NBR compounds

  • For Extreme High temp. application with good oil resistance Polyurethane

  • For Applications involving exposure to Moisture and water

  • For Application where Wiper subjected to hard contaminants and Cement particles

  • For Reverse engineering and identification of material as per Sample received from customer

Material laboratory

Royal has a fully equipped Laborarory to test all the incoming raw materials as well test newly developed material at lab scale for its intrinsic properties. All raw materials go through stringent quality checks before being put into manufacturing.

  • 1UTM
  • 2Vicat Softening Point
  • 3Heat Distortion Temp
  • 4Rheometer
  • 5Viscometer
  • 6Hardness
  • 7MFI m/c
  • 8DIN Abrader
  • 9Wear Properties
  • 10Compression Strength
  • 11Flexural Strength
  • 12Load vs Deflection
  • 13Compression Set
  • 14Sp. Gravity
  • 15Sieve Analysis
  • 16Muffle furnace
  • 17Oil Ageing
  • 18Air Ageing
  • 19Acid Value
  • 20Fluid Compatibility

Testing and validation

Royal has fully equipped hydraulic testing and validation facilities where we continuously test new designs of seals as well as conduct test for our customers as per there requirement and projects. We have group of well trained engineers who are engaged in this activity and helps us in improving our product and consistency.

Rod Seal Endurance Test Machine

  • Test Bench as per IS 15432
  • Can perform tests like Cycle Life Test, Leakage Test, Endurance Test, Wear study, Friction study, Proof Pressure testing, Upto 400 bars Pressure, Upto 0.50 m/sec Speed, Upto 100 degree Celsius Temperature

Back To Back Hydraulic Cylinder Test Bench

  • Test Bench as per IS 10585
  • Can perform tests like Cycle Life testing, Endurance testing, Wear study, Friction study, Proof Pressure testing, etc on seals. Can test seals up to pressure of 400 bars for leakage testing

Wiper Ingression Testing Machines

  • Checks the performance of the wiper seals in stopping the foreign particles to enter into hydraulic system.
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